• Simple and quick to exercise area reinforcement

    TTE® can be laid quickly and simply the ideal possibly to design your horse exercise area yourself and to use it (more photographs).

  • TTE® paddock / exercise area

    A sustainable solution for your husbandry areas which can be completely removed again if necessary. Your animals will feel comfortable.

  • A play-pen with TTE®

    Clean and simple to clean feeding stations thanks to TTE® paving. Here an example of a horse pension in Eisenlauer (more photographs).

  • TTE® - the multitalented one

    Whether greened with TTE® paving stones or overfilled with another material. TTE® offers you various design options for your equestrian areas according to use.

  • Permanent full seepage of water

    Build-up of mud is impossible in the paddock thanks to the water permeable construction principle and the load distribution. The results are clean and easy to maintain horse exercise areas.

  • TTE® thrust lock

    An optimal walking experience for horses, also in hillside locations the cost-effective large and wide step with protection against material removal. An example here of a horse play-pen in Kranzberg.
    (more photographs).

  • Scheuerhof (more photographs)

    TTE® functions due to the load distribution without a base course layer. The system is installed directly on the existing ground.

Outside Facilities

TTE® directPAVE

Das fertige Sickerpflaster - vorbefüllte TTE®-Elemente für eine besonders schnelle Umsetzung

  • fix und fertig angelieferte TTE®-Elemente mit Pflastersteinen
  • schnelle Verlegung,
    7-9 m2/Person/Std. oder maschinell
  • sofort befahrbare 100% dezentral versickernde Flächenbefestigung