• TTE® - more than a turf grid

    saving on 50-100% of the base course layer
    100% capable of seepage
    ideal greening
    economic and ecological

Outside Facilities
TTE®-MultiDrain-PLUS 2000 upper side
TTE®-MultiDrain-PLUS 2000 upper side
TTE®-MultiDrain-PLUS 2000 under side
TTE®-MultiDrain-PLUS 2000 under side

TTE®-MultiDrain-PLUS 2000

Material 100 % recycled plastic, neutral to the environment, (Duales System Deutschland)
Art. No. 1351.4080.20
Colour grey
Dimensions 800 x 400 x 60 mm with 32 chambers (size 80 x 80 mm)
Interlocking 1.5 cm, 1m² = 3.125 pieces
Proportion of compartments 72% of the total area
Wall thickness an upper side about 14 mm thick, the underside about 15 mm thick
Upper side slip-inhibiting pimpled webs
Underside a wide T-support (about 4.2 cm)
Weight about 8.7 kg (about 27 kg/m²)
Loading capacity, static about 147 kN (about 15 t) per test body (about 20 x 20 cm, consisting of 4 unfilled chambers) that is about 10 N/mm 2 tested by TÜV Süd
per Pallet 28,8m² (90 pieces)
Max. delivery quantity per lorry 30 pallets / 864m²
Pallet size LxBxH: 123 x 85 x 200 cm

The TTE® system is TÜV certified

and therefore fulfils all of the following requirements

dimensionally stable based on ISO 11359
pressure resistant according to DIN EN ISO 604
loading class SLW 60 according to DIN 1072 with a max. wheel load of 100kN
suitable for surfaces used by a Fire Brigade in accordance with DIN 14090 “Surfaces for a Fire Brigade on on parcels of land“ (axial load of 10t/100kN)
UV stable according to DIN 4892-3
weather-proof according to DIN EN 438-2 Number 19
PAK testing and testing of the heavy metals content according to ISO 11885 / SAA-L-1510 / DIN 38415-T06
neutral for the environment according to DIN 38415-T06 / DIN 38412 - L30 / DIN 38412 - L33
resistant to chemicals to deionate, petrol, engine oil, caustic soda solution, hydrochloric acid
TTE®-paving stone (grey, ruby red, anthracite)
TTE®-paving stone (grey, ruby red, anthracite)

TTE®-Paving stones

Colours grey,ruby red and anthracite
Weight 610 g/piece
Material concrete DIN EN 1339 with phase
Dimension 74 x 74 x 48 mm
Condition-resistance D
Abrasion-resistance I
per palette 1.560 pieces (=15,6 m2 laid area)
max. delivery per lorry 25 paletts (=390 m2)
palette size 100 x 110 x 80 cm

Fine network

Weight 24 g/m²
Mesh size ≤ 4 mm
Roller width 3.20 m
Material PE