• TTE® as root protection

    The TTE® construction principle offers an innovative solution for reinforcing root protection areas of trees. The cost-effective alternative to tree disks and root bridges.

  • Optimal vegetation conditions

    The TTE® load distribution system protects sensitive root areas from compaction. The construction principle is sealing-free and permanently secures the breathability and seepage capability.

  • Integral tree plantations

    With TTE® new plantations can be integrated in very simply and is a space saving way. Tree locations which can be built upon can be created with relatively little effort and the root system spread out unhindered under the surface.

  • Root protection for old trees in the area

    The TTE® load distribution system is ideal for the root areas of old trees in the area. Retain valuable old trees very simply and cost effectively. The alternative to root bridges.

  • Green car park in France

    The root areas of old trees in the area can be built upon quite simply. The load distribution protects the roots from pressure loads.

Outside Facilities

TTE® as root protection

When using TTE® as root protection you can save on use of cost-intensive tree disks or root bridges. It protects the roots and the plant substrate or the substrate permanently from pressure and compaction. The root system can develop uninhibited using the TTE® system. The open TTE® covering layer ensures good ventilation and supply of water to the root area. Exchange of gases in the ground form the essential criterion for a vital plant. Using the innovative TTE® construction concept the breathability in the root area under difficult conditions in a populated area, particularly from loading from vehicle traffic, can be improved significantly.

TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 2000

TTE®-MultiDrainPLUS 2000
800 x 400 x 60 mm, ca. 8.6 kg (ca.27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 m

Special features

  • root protection for trees in the area and new plantings
  • replaces costly tree disks and root bridges
  • the strong load distribution of the TTE® construction principle allows building upon root areas
  • unlimited root zone and free root growth
  • optimal ground conditions (a high breathability and seepage capability)
  • no base course layer required
  • can be greened or covered with TTE® paving (continuous covering through to the trunk area)
  • a tree location which can be built on for paving stones and slab coverings or mineral mulching

Root protection for new plantings

Integrate tree plantations in a space-saving way without loss of areas for separate plant areas into the TTE® surface reinforcement, or use the TTE® as a cost-effective and multi-faceted alternative to tree disks. Through use of the TTE® construction concept (as a covering layer or a load bearing structure for other surface coverings) tree locations which can be built upon can be realised with sustainable flatness. Improved conditions are created at the same time in the root area due to the strongly reduced requirements upon the load bearing capacity. The load carrying tree substrate is less compacted whereby larger pore volumes are secured for gas exchange and water storage. The TTE® covering layer is highly breathable and fully water permeable, which is why additional ventilation systems are not necessary.

Root protection for new plantings

Root protection for old trees in the area


Old trees in the area possess an identity-conferring, aesthetic and, in particular, ecological value which cannot usually be replaced. The TTE® construction concept offers an innovative solution, involving low effort and expense, to protect and also to build on the root area of trees in the area in a conserving matter, contrary to the effect of using root bridges. The high area wide load distribution function of the TTE® system ensures that the pressure created by traffic is reduced to a minimum. Impairment of the root system and any post-compaction of the root area is prevented in this way. Intervention into the root area, as is necessary for conventional root bridges to create point foundations, is not necessary. Reinforcements can be realised using a very low structural height. The TTE® construction element also serves as a  load bearing structure which can be built upon for continuous paving stone/slab coverings or ballast surfaces.

Root protection for old trees in the area

Further surface layers

TTE® can also be used as a load bearing structure for tree locations which can be built upon. Thus cost-effective load carrying mulchings or continuous paving stone/slab coverings and water-bound coverings can be realised up to the trunk area. Ventilation and watering systems are to be integrated in if necessary dependent on the breathability and seepage capability of the covering layer.

Paving stone and slab coverings

TTE® for paving stone and slab coverings

Ballast and gravel surfaces

TTE® for ballast and gravel surfaces

Water-bound coverings

TTE® for water-bound coverings